Ignitehosting.biz Datacentre

The Ignitehosting.biz Auckland datacentre offers superb connectivity and an extremely reliable infrastructure.

The Ignitehosting.biz datacentre has connections to the Internet backbone from four competing providers, offering excellent redundancy and excess bandwidth. We provision bandwidth many months in advance, so that we always have much more bandwidth available than is actually required.

Ignitehosting.biz maintains a superb, fully switched network with matchless redundancy. Our network staff are extremely experienced and ensure that the Ignitehosting.biz network is functioning optimally at all times. Automated monitoring means that our technicians are instantly notified of any issues with the network.

The ambient temperature of the Ignitehosting.biz datacentre is controlled by industrial air-conditioning units. Servers may be housed in 19” rackmount server cabinets (which may be locked for dedicated server farms) or in open racks.

Equipment in the Ignitehosting.biz datacentre is powered via online UPS units. In addition to this, the datacentre is provisioned with generator backup – even in the event of an extended outage, the datacentre will function as normal.

The Ignitehosting.biz datacentre is located in a secure concrete building, with no external windows. Knowledge of the location of the datacentre is restricted. Access to the Ignitehosting.biz datacentre is controlled and monitored, and the facility features a sophisticated alarm system.


99% uptime guarantee

If for any reason (except for scheduled downtimes and hardware failures) our network or servers are down for longer than 1% in any month, you can request a 20% discount for your following month's services.


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