Email only accounts

Using your own domain name for your email address , rather than @your.isp gives a professional look to your business/organisation, and also means you don't have to stick with the same ISP just so your email address stays the same.

All of our email accounts come with a catch-all address, which means if there is no user of the address the email is sent to, it will go to the catch-all mailbox.

You can also set up aliases for each account, eg: could have the alias 'bob', or 'info', or a combination of aliases.

Each user can collect their emails either using an email client such as Outlook, or using the web-based email client.

Email access is available from any computer on the Internet using our WebMail service which operates from any web browser (just like Hotmail), e.g. From a cafe overseas or a WAP enabled phone.


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