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Frequently Asked Questions about our Virtual and Reseller, fantastico enabled, cpanel Webhosting plans.

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Account Questions:

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General Questions

Why don't you offer unlimited bandwidth?
The reason we do not offer unlimited bandwidth is because there is no such thing! Web hosts that offer such services are providing you with false advertising. Most of them will kick you out once your website starts to grow and use a little more bandwidth. For more information on unlimited bandwidth, please visit
Do you allow warez and adult websites?
We do not allow any kind of warez content on our servers, we allow only legal adult content at our discretion. Please refer to our "Terms of Service" for more information.
Is there a minimum contract or commitment?
No, there is no contract or commitment. You can at any time contact our support department and request a cancellation of your account. No further payments will be requested from you, however all moneys paid will be forfeited.
Can you host my subdomain or do I have to have a domain name?
We can host your subdomain. However, the owner of the domain has to configure your subdomain to point to the IP address we provide you.

Account Questions

How long does it take for my website to be setup and ready to use?
We will setup your account as soon as possible after you have placed your order (usually within 12 hours). Once you have received your welcome email (which is sent to you upon your account setup), you can login to your account via FTP and upload your website.
My account has been setup, why isn't my domain working?
After you change the name servers for your domain at the registrar where your domain is registered, it can take anywhere between 24 and 72 hours before the changes start to take effect.
If I sign up with one of your webhosting plans now, can I upgrade/downgrade later?
Of course! You can at anytime, upgrade or downgrade your account without any processing fees or interruption of service. All you have to do is to let us know what webhosting plan you would like to upgrade/downgrade to. We can also customize a plan to fit your exact needs.
Does provide Backups of my website? perform off site backups on a weekly basis. However we must stress that these back ups are not to be relied upon under any circumstances .  

As the owner of your website / hosting package or reseller website /  hosting package, backups are your responsibility (or your customers), therefore you must ensure that you and your customers have up to date and current backups of your / their own site/s or those under your control. currently only perform weekly backups off site, but under no circumstances do we guarantee that you will have what you need or the integrity of these back ups in the event that you may need us to access them to restore your website.   

We strongly advise that you back up your own site/s as often as required to ensure that you always have the latest possible copy of your site/s as it is your responsibility to back up your site/s regularly.

How do I backup my account?
You can download your daily account backup by logging into your account control panel and clicking on “backup”. There you will find a backup of your home directory, your SQL databases and your email aliases/filters. Simply click on each link to download the backup files.

Email Questions

Can I change my MX record to use services like's web mail?
Yes. You can change your MX record from within your control panel to have any server handle your emails.
What are my incoming and outgoing mail servers?
You can use "" for your incoming and outgoing mail.
How can I access the web mail without logging in to the control panel everytime?
You can access your web mail account by going directly to "". Make sure you have an ending slash ("/").

Domain Questions

Do you register domain names?
Yes. Please contact our sales or support department with the domain name you would like to register for additional information and pricing.
Can I host multiple domains using one account?
Yes. You can host additional domain names on sub domains of your main account. For example, we can point “” to “” and have it appear as a real account to everyone else. This feature is very useful for people who own more than one domain name. However, if you need to host each domain with its own separate features, email us

FTP Questions

Can I access my account via FTP 24/7?
Yes. You can login to your account via FTP or your personal control panel day and night to manage your account.

Control Panel Questions

Do I get a control panel to manage my account?
Of course! You can login to your control panel by going to and entering your account login and password. You can find more information about our control panel here.
I changed my control panel password and now I can't login.
Your account name and password are both case-sensitive (for example, if your password is "abc123" and you type it in as "ABC123", it will not work). Make sure that you type in your password correctly and that your whole account name is in lowercase.
How can I change my control panel theme?
To have your control panel theme changed, please contact our support department with your account ID, domain name and the theme of your choice.

Guarantee Questions

Money back guarantee on all our webhosting plans and packages

To prove to you how confident we are in our services, we will offer you a 30-day money back guarantee on our annual webhosting plans and packages and a 14-day money back guarantee on our monthly plans and packages. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our services and cancel your account within the initial 30 days (for our annual webhosting) or 14 days (for our monthly webhosting) from the initial order date of your account we will refund you all your money (excluding any set up fees and fees for additional features. Please also note that the 30 day money back guarantee does not apply to any specials or discounted deals as these only have a 14 day money back guarantee).

Please note: The money back guarantee does not apply if your account is terminated at any time within the guaranteed period for breach of our terms and conditions, or if you go over the allocated and allowed bandwidth usuage for your plan. Accounts that are renewed for additional terms are also not subject to our money back guarantees. We reserve the right not to honour the money back guarantee where the customer has requested a refund in the past.

99% uptime guarantee
If for any reason (except for scheduled downtimes and hardware failures) our network or servers are down for longer than 1% in any month, you can request a 20% discount for your following month's services.
Price freeze guarantee - On accounts purchased PRIOR to the 1st March 2004. no longer provides a price freeze guarantee on all its plans and packages. However those customers who where given the price freeze guarantee when they made their purchase (prior to the 1st March 2004) will keep this guarantee (subject to the original terms and conditions). For those who signed up for one of our plans or packages prior to the 1st March 2004 and remain a continuous customer and keep your original plan / package your fee will not alter while your payment plan remains the same.

Please be aware that the price freeze guarantee has never applied to our 'specials' or discounted webhosting plans or if your account is suspended for non payment this offer will no longer apply, regardless of the date of purchase.

Programming and Database Questions

Do you support Perl/CGI and PHP?
Yes, we support both Perl/CGI and PHP.
Do you support MySQL?
Yes, we support MySQL databases. You can manage your databases from within your web based control panel.
Do you have any preinstalled scripts that I can use?
Yes. We have a variety of Perl/CGI and PHP scripts that you can use. To give you some examples, we have message board, counter, guestbook, chat and more.
What is the path to Perl?
The path to Perl is: /usr/bin/perl
What is the path to Sendmail?
The path to Sendmail is: /usr/sbin/sendmail

Script and Software Questions

Can I run a message board on my account?
Yes. We support both Perl/CGI and PHP message boards. However, there are some older message boards that use flat files instead of a database (such as MysQL) to store all data which in its turn causes high server loads and is a lot slower. Therefore, we only allow message boards that use database.
Which message boards do you recommend?
Invisionboard and phpBB are two fully featured message boards we highly recommend.
Will you install a message board for me?
You can now install Invision and phpBB boards easily via Fantastico yourself, so no need for us to install it for you.
Can I have access to SSH? enforces a strict "No SSH" policy. We will also instantly suspend any account that uses a script which can be used to elevate privileges or enable SSH services. In the event that this occurs no refund will be payable to the account holder or payee.
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